Jevon B.

*This is for people who facing their work injuries, Workers’ Comp., and their personal demons*

Through this long (very long) process of recovering from a work injury. I’ve reached lows that I’ve never been (heard of these stories). Never thought I’ll be in this position (but who would?!?). I lost everything I was building and I have to start over. With this injury, not only my body, but my mind and spirit is no longer the same.

Recovering from my surgery I had a list (from family, friends and myself) of Work Injury and Workers’ Comp lawyers. Some talked to me over the phone. The rest came to my house while I was on bedrest.

Most were aggressive (as they should be dealing with the situation, the system and the laws/ordinances). Asking me questions and sending/mailing/putting paperwork (in my face) to sign without having a clue what I’m signing nor answering my questions. That made me very uncomfortable.

Few were hungry and sympathetic, but were fresh off the stoop. I do believe they will do great things in the future.

With Mrs. El-Shall, she brings those things with a balance of compassion, experience and unique level of transparency. With a list of options (with what I initially wanted -with a lack of knowledge- was on the list), the best option for me was going to be a tough process BUT ITS WHAT I NEEDED (for my body, my family and my future from then on).

From the bad days (plenty of those) to the good days of this process (which is few, but they make up for most of the bad), it’s just about exactly what she explained to me when we first met. I’m comfortable typing this because this was part of her (clarity when explaining the options, plans and process) made me very comfortable in going with her.

Since I’ve been hurt, all I want is my quality of life back.

And so far, Sara is doing her part to make that happen.

I’ll update when concluded…